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What to Know About Post Labiaplasty CareWhat to Know About Post Labiaplasty Care

What to Know About Post Labiaplasty Care

While your labiaplasty surgery in Chicago itself is certainly important, post labiaplasty care is also an essential part of your vaginal rejuvenation surgery experience. Caring for your treatment a…
Otoplasty Techniques: A GuideOtoplasty Techniques: A Guide

Otoplasty Techniques: A Guide

Otoplasty techniques vary depending on the patient’s goals and anatomy. With that said, the goal with any otoplasty surgery in Chicago is to achieve a natural-looking outcome that is harmonious wit…
Tummy Tuck PreparationTummy Tuck Preparation

Tummy Tuck Preparation

Tummy tuck preparation can feel overwhelming if you’ve never done it before — and most have not! You may still not know what to expect from the procedure and feel apprehensive about how you’ll be f…
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