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Does Labiaplasty Affect Sensation Longterm?Does Labiaplasty Affect Sensation Longterm?

Does Labiaplasty Affect Sensation Longterm?

One of the most common questions patients ask before undergoing a Chicago labiaplasty procedure is, “Does labiaplasty affect sensation?” The truth is loss of vaginal sensitivity after labiaplast…
What to Know About Post Labiaplasty CareWhat to Know About Post Labiaplasty Care

What to Know About Post Labiaplasty Care

While your labiaplasty surgery in Chicago itself is certainly important, post labiaplasty care is also an essential part of your vaginal rejuvenation surgery experience. Caring for your treatment a…
Labiaplasty RisksLabiaplasty Risks

What Are the Most Common Labiaplasty Risks?

Labiaplasty risks are real, and it’s important to be aware of them. Fortunately, actual complications from this surgery are rare. Whether you already have your operation date set for a labiaplas…
Labiaplasty Before PregnancyLabiaplasty Before Pregnancy

Can I Get Labiaplasty Before Pregnancy?

Many women wonder whether they should get labiaplasty before pregnancy or after. If this procedure is something you’ve been contemplating and you’re also thinking about getting pregnant, keep readi…
Labiaplasty ScarLabiaplasty Scar

The Truth About Your Labiaplasty Scar

Let’s be honest: Feeling confident with the look of your vaginal area is essential to living a healthy, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many women struggle with this issue, especially after child b…
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