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Plastic Surgeon Chicago
Sculpting Dreams Into Reality

Plastic Surgeon Chicago-
Dr. Dahlia Rice

DMR AESthectics – Plastic Surgery Chicago

Transform and rediscover yourself alongside a distinguished Chicago plastic surgeon who embodies trust and excellence. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dahlia Rice has extensive training, unparalleled experience, and unwavering integrity.

DMR Aesthetics Chicago – Dahlia Rice, M.D. is committed to the relentless pursuit of perfection. Every member of our staff shares a common dedication to assist you in realizing your innate beauty and ensuring that your transformative journey becomes one of the most rewarding decisions you’ll ever make.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Dahlia Rice

DMR Aesthetics Chicago, led by board-certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Dahlia Rice, is dedicated to providing exceptional cosmetic services to patients in the Chicago area. She skillfully performs a diverse range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, with a focus on her specialties, including breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction.

In her new practice in the city of Chicago, Dr. Dahlia Rice attends to her patients with expertise and dedication. Specializing in cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, she brings over 9 years of invaluable experience to plastic surgery. A graduate of Rush Medical College in 2013, Dr. Rice has left an indelible mark on numerous lives through her compassionate care, meticulous precision, and unparalleled proficiency. Driven by a commitment to empowerment, she ensures her patients are well-informed by thoroughly educating them on all available options, enabling them to make informed decisions about their care.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Board of Plastic Surgery
DMR Aesthetics Chicago Dr Dahlia Rice
Breast Surgery Chicago


Empower yourself with confidence and positivity through a range of transformative breast surgeries. Dr. Dahlia Rice, a trusted expert, has been instrumental in realizing the desired aesthetic goals of numerous women through a variety of breast surgery options.

From breast augmentation and breast lifts to breast reduction and Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, Dr. Rice’s expertise has made Chicago area Plastic Surgery renowned for delivering unparalleled breast surgery results in Illinois. Explore the comprehensive details of these transformative procedures for a deeper understanding of how you can achieve your desired breast aesthetics.

Body Procedures Chicago


DMR Aesthetics Chicago welcomes bodies of all shapes and sizes. Dr. Dahlia Rice exhibits expertise across various body procedures, such as tummy tucks (abdominoplasty), liposuction, Labiaplasty, and mommy makeovers.

Just as in her breast and facial procedures, Dr. Rice has honed her skills in body contouring over the years, ensuring optimal results while minimizing scarring and downtime. Your journey to enhanced aesthetics is met with Dr. Rice’s commitment to excellence and refined techniques.

Face Procedures Chicago


Witnessing the radiant and joyful expressions of our Chicago area patients brings us joy, especially as we provide them with dedicated care. Dr. Dahlia Rice provides a range of facial surgeries, encompassing chin liposuction, otoplasty, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty.

Our patients revel in the natural-looking results of their facial surgeries, crafted with precision and expertise.

  • I love my breast augmentation and am so excited Dr Rice has opened a clinic in Chicago!

    – T.M

  • I have been a patient of Dr. Rice for years. I am so pleased with the results from the brow lift, eye lids, and deep laser skin resurfacing. She is extremely skilled and meticulous, and offers state of the art services and products. I am so happy her new clinic is in Chicago so I can remain a patient of hers.

    – L. Ambrose

  • I am so happy to see that Dr. Rice has opened up her own clinic in Chicago. I have worked with her for years. She fixed my lips and does an amazing job every time!

    – P. Bernal

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