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Gynecomastia Chicago

Gynecomastia Chicago

Gynecomastia is characterized by the enlarged male breasts. Beyond its physical manifestation, gynecomastia often leads to emotional distress and diminished self-confidence. This may prompt individuals to refrain from certain activities and intimate situations in an attempt to conceal the condition.

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What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is an increase in the amount of breast glandular tissue in boys or men. While adolescent cases often resolve naturally, the exact cause remains uncertain.

Drug side effects, hormonal imbalance (especially during puberty), marijuana or steroid use, obesity, and genetics are recognized contributors to male breast enlargement.


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    Gynecomastia Symptoms

    Gynecomastia treatment symptoms can include:

    • Pain, particularly among adolescents.

    • Enlarged male breast tissue.

    • Soreness in the enlarged breasts.

    • Nipple sensitivity when in contact with clothing.

    Gynecomastia Causes

    Often caused by fluctuations in estrogen and testosterone levels, other factors can contribute too. While commonly occurring during puberty in preteen or teenage boys, gynecomastia may also affect newborns and older men.

    Certain medications, including antidepressants, antibiotics, chemotherapy, prostate cancer drugs, ulcer, and cardiovascular medications, may result in gynecomastia.

    Additionally, the use of illegal substances like anabolic steroids, heroin, or marijuana can contribute to the development of this condition.

    Male Chest Reduction Candidate

    Male breast reduction offers valuable benefits for many impacted by gynecomastia. Ideal candidates for this surgery typically exhibit the following qualities:

    • Absence of health issues hindering the healing process

    • Non-smokers

    • Realistic expectations and a positive mindset

    • Clear, achievable goals

    Those eligible for gynecomastia surgery often possess excess fatty tissue in the breast resistant to alternative corrections. While addressing potential causes, such as medication-related factors, may resolve some cases, surgical intervention becomes necessary in instances where the condition lacks an apparent cause.

    Contact female plastic surgeon Dr. Dahlia Rice today at (312) 600-5435 to schedule a consultation at her Chicago, Il office.

    The Gynecomastia Surgery Procedure

    The process of a gynecomastia procedure involves the following stages:


    To ensure your comfort throughout the surgical procedures, medications, including intravenous sedation and general anesthesia, will be administered. Your doctor will advise on the most suitable option for your situation.

    Liposuction technique

    When gynecomastia is mainly due to surplus fatty tissue, liposuction alone may suffice. This involves the insertion of a cannula, a slender hollow tube, through small incisions. The cannula is skillfully maneuvered in controlled motions to dislodge excess fat, subsequently suctioned out of the body through vacuum suction. The choice of liposuction technique will be determined before your procedure, tailored to your specific case.

    Excision technique

    Excision methods are advised when addressing gynecomastia requires the surgical removal of glandular breast tissue or excess skin. This approach becomes essential if modifications to the areola size or repositioning of the nipple for a more natural male contour are necessary. The choice of incision patterns depends on the particular conditions and the surgeon’s preferences.

    Sometimes gynecomastia is treated with both liposuction and excision.

    Gyno Surgery Recovery

    Throughout the recovery phase following your gynecomastia surgery, your incisions will be dressed, and an elastic bandage or supportive garment may be utilized to minimize swelling and provide stability to your evolving chest contour. A slender tube may be temporarily inserted beneath the loose skin to manage potential accumulations of blood or fluid.

    Detailed instructions will be provided, encompassing care for the surgical site and drains, the application or oral intake of medications to facilitate healing and minimize infection risks, as well as specific indicators to monitor at the surgical site and your overall health. Follow-up guidance on when to consult with your plastic surgeon will also be communicated.

    Gynecomastia Surgery Cost Chicago

    The average gynecomastia cost for male breast reduction patients varies. It’s important to note that the price represents only a portion of the total expenses and excludes costs for anesthesia, operating room facilities, and related items. To determine your final fee, consult with your plastic surgeon’s office.

    The surgeon’s fee for gynecomastia surgery is influenced by factors such as their expertise, the chosen procedure, and the geographical location of the office. While most health insurance plans typically do not cover male breast reduction or related complications, inquire about potential patient financing plans offered by plastic surgeons.

    Contact female plastic surgeon Dr. Dahlia Rice today at (312) 600-5435 to schedule a consultation at her Chicago, Il office.

    Gynecomastia Surgery FAQ

    How Painful is Gyno Surgery?

    Anticipate significant soreness in the initial days post-gynecomastia surgery, gradually improving within a week. Returning to work is feasible around the two-week mark. Adhere closely to your provider’s instructions during the healing process.

    What is the Gynecomastia Correction Surgery Price in Chicago?

    The price for male breast reductions is around $3,500. Given the personalized nature of each surgical procedure, costs can significantly differ. Influencing factors encompass the type of excess breast tissue removed, shaping the final cost of gynecomastia surgery.

    Can Surgery Help with Man Boobs?

    Yes. Male breast reduction surgery, also known as gynecomastia surgery or reduction mammaplasty, is a corrective procedure designed to address enlarged  breast glands or excess glandular tissue.

    Is Gynecomastia Covered by Insurance?

    Though many insurance providers typically do not include coverage for treating gynecomastia, some may contribute to the costs if they consider the surgery medically necessary. Coverage usually applies when the condition is severe in terms of symptoms. It is advisable to contact your insurance provider to explore potential coverage options.

    Do Gynecomastia Scars Go Away?

    Over time, post-surgical swelling will diminish, and incision lines will gradually fade. Your contentment with the transformed appearance should steadily increase throughout the recovery period.

    It may take 3-6 months to witness the full and final results of your gynecomastia surgery. While incision lines are permanent, they will continue to fade over time.

    How Can I Reduce Gyno?

    Adult men dealing with gynecomastia can often bring about positive changes by discontinuing alcohol consumption, avoiding the use of steroids or other drugs, reducing excess body fat, being at a healthy weight, or engaging in regular exercise, particularly strength training. In some cases, a combination of these lifestyle modifications may be effective in achieving the desired results.

    Why is Gynecomastia So Expensive?

    Fees among surgeons differ, with pricing influenced by factors such as anesthesia, the surgical facility or hospital, and the geographic location of the surgeon’s practice—all of which contribute to the overall cost of gynecomastia surgery.

    Which Doctor Should I Consult for Gynecomastia?

    For gynecomastia treatment, consulting a board certified plastic surgeon is advisable.

    Do I Have Gynecomastia or Just Fat?

    Fat in the chest area generally feels akin to fat in other parts of the body, like the stomach, thighs, or arms—soft to the touch. In contrast, gynecomastia tends to be firmer, with some patients describing it as hard or rubbery.

    Is Gynecomastia Linked to Male Breast Cancer?

    It was established that gynecomastia, irrespective of Klinefelter syndrome and obesity, was linked to a tenfold heightened risk of breast cancer in men.

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