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Chicago Body Procedures

Body Procedures

Body Contouring Procedures by Dr. Dahlia Rice – DMR Aesthetics Chicago

While facial features often define beauty, many patients are equally concerned about their body shape due to factors like aging, weight gain, or pregnancy. Fortunately, body contouring by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dahlia Rice addresses these concerns, offering procedures to enhance your figure and boost confidence and self-esteem.


The most popular cosmetic procedure year after year, liposuction is a leading cosmetic surgery that eliminates unwanted fat permanently with minimal downtime. Discover how Dr. Rice can assist in reducing stubborn fat pockets, ensuring maximal contouring without asymmetry, depressions, or inconsistencies.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty aids patients in achieving a toned and tight tummy by eliminating excess abdominal fat and skin. It also reinforces the abdominal wall, particularly after substantial weight loss or pregnancies.


Vaginal rejuvenation diminishes enlarged vaginal lips, provides relief from discomfort, and prevents labia from catching on clothing. Additionally, it addresses incontinence without compromising vaginal sensitivity.

Mommy Makeover

This cosmetic enhancement is crafted to women in rejuvenating their figure after pregnancy and breastfeeding. It involves a combination of chosen procedures to achieve tighter and more youthful-looking contours.

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