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About Us DMR Aesthetics Dr. Dahlia Rice

About Us

Chicago’s Premier Plastic Surgery Practice
DMR Aesthetics – Dr. Dahlia Rice

Many patients aspire to cherish and nostalgically reflect on their distinctive plastic surgery voyage. This commitment has driven Dr. Dahlia Rice and the DMR Aesthetics Chicago team to diligently establish an environment characterized with comfort, safety, friendliness, and opulence.

Featuring an exquisite office, cutting-edge surgical facilities, cozy consultation rooms, and a proximity to the vibrant heart of Chicago, IL, DMR Aesthetics takes pride in presenting a plastic surgery experience that stands unparalleled.


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Dahlia Rice

DMR Aesthetics Chicago, led by Dr. Dahlia Rice, a board-certified female plastic surgeon, is committed to delivering outstanding cosmetic services to individuals in the Chicago region.

Dr. Rice adeptly conducts a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures, concentrating on her areas of expertise such as breast augmentation, breast lifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Board of Plastic Surgery
DMR Aesthetics Chicago Dr Dahlia Rice Breast Augmentation Surgeon
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Our dedication is to provide the finest plastic surgery journey from start to finish. If you’re prepared to discover why numerous patients have selected Dr. Dahlia Rice as their Female Chicago Plastic Surgeon, your next move is to contact our team and arrange a consultation. We eagerly anticipate meeting you soon!

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