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Average Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery TimeAverage Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery Time

Average Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery Time

The average gynecomastia surgery recovery time tends to be around four to six weeks. This truly depends, however, on your overall physical health and what type of gynecomastia surgery you underg…
Is gynecomastia reversibleIs gynecomastia reversible

Is Gynecomastia Reversible?

Let’s cut to the chase: For most men who have gynecomastia, surgery is not the ideal solution. While yes, gynecomastia surgery in Chicago is highly effective, safe, and successful, it also requires…
Gynecomastia Hormonal ImbalanceGynecomastia Hormonal Imbalance

Is Gynecomastia Hormonal Imbalance Related?

When it comes to gynecomastia hormonal imbalance issues are the number one cause. For most patients, the core issue comes down to an imbalance of testosterone (a predominantly male hormone) and est…
Gynecomastia in AdultsGynecomastia in Adults

What to Know About Gynecomastia in Adults

Gynecomastia in adults is most common among men who are middle aged and older. Up to 65% of this demographic is affected by gynecomastia. With that said, there is a solution to gynecomastia. As …
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