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February 8, 2024

Why Wearing a Compression Bra After Breast Augmentation Is Essential

Written by: Dr. Dahlia Rice. Posted in: Blog

Compression Bra After Breast Augmentation Is Essential

Following a breast augmentation in Chicago, compression bras specifically designed for breast surgery are your best friend.
Dr. Rice will always instruct her patients to wear compression bras post op as they radically aid in the recovery process and provide better results in the long run.

6 Benefits of Compression Bras After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Compression bras — also known as surgical bras are a compression garment and are meant to be worn right after breast surgery. How long you’ll have to wear a post op bra will depend on the type of plastic surgery you get, but the results will always be better having worn one according to your surgeon’s instructions.

Compression bras are recommended after breast implants for the following reasons:

1. They Minimize Swelling and Discomfort

Compression bras work by applying gentle pressure to the breasts. This pressure promotes blood circulation while preventing fluid build up, which minimizes swelling, pain, and bruising.

2. They Support the Healing Tissues

Any post operative surgeries, breast enhancement or otherwise, require compression garments to support tissue healing. Compression bras boost circulation which speeds up tissue healing. By wearing a medical compression bra, you will also prevent your implants from moving around in their newly formed pockets. Minimizing movement also aids in tissue healing.Wear compression bra after breast augmentation

3. They Protect Surgical Incisions

Whether you opt for a breast lift in Chicago, breast enhancement surgery, or breast reduction in Chicago, you’ll have surgical incisions to take care of.

A medical grade compression bra made of breathable fabric will ensure your surgical incisions are protected so they heal with minimal breast augmentation scarring.

4. They Prevent Blood Clots From Forming

Many women don’t realize this, but a significant risk of breast augmentation or any type of surgery is blood clotting. Because post op bras promote blood circulation, they reduce the chance of blood clotting complications in addition to infections.

5. They Speed Up the Healing Process

When wearing a surgical bra after plastic surgery, patients can expect the healing and recovery process to be speedy with minimal discomfort. This is because compression bras manage post operative swelling — and swelling is what typically worsens pain as you heal.

Therefore, compression garments allow you to get back to your life much quicker compared to not wearing them.

6. They Enhance Your Results

Compression bras provide support for your breast enhancement or reduction needs, keeping everything in place and stable. This ensures the skin around your breasts also adjusts properly to its new contours while helping you maintain your posture and ease of movement as you heal.

All of this ensures that you not only heal quickly and efficiently but the results are perfect.

Compression Bra FAQs

Best compression bra after breast augmentationWhat types of compression bras are available?

There are several different types of surgical bras on the market, with front fastening bras being the most popular. Dr. Rice will recommend the best bra for you based on the type of surgery you have, bra size and the more support you require.

Post surgery bras will also have adjustable straps that should be used adjusted multiple times throughout recovery process for maximum comfort.

Can I just wear a sports bra after my breast augmentation or reduction?

While high compression sports bras will do the trick, most surgeons will recommend that you wear a medical grade compression bra after your breast surgery to ensure a full recovery.

Sports bras may also be difficult to get on and off during the first few weeks of recovery, but make for a great transitional bra as your new breasts settle and heal.

How long do I have to wear post operative bras for?

How long you have to wear a post op bra depends on the type of breast surgery you get. For breast augmentations, it’s recommended to wear a compression bra for 3-4 weeks whereas breast reduction requires a it to be worn for up to 6 weeks.

Can you have too much compression after breast surgery?

The primary function of a compression garment is to provide support to the surgical area, including the incisions and the surrounding skin. When the compression garment is excessively tight, it can impede circulation and interfere with the healing process.

Therefore, it’s crucial that the compression garment applies only gentle, supportive pressure, ensuring it sits flat and smoothly against the skin.

Getting Ready For a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentations as well as reductions are very common cosmetic procedures. If you’re thinking about enhancing your chest or correcting an issue, the first thing you’ll want to do is meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgeries.

Dr. Dahlia Rice of DMR Aesthetics Chicago has successfully performed hundreds of breast augmentations with exceptional results. Schedule your consultation today to learn more about the procedure and aftercare requirements.


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