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February 15, 2024

Do I Need A Labiaplasty?

Written by: Dr. Dahlia Rice. Posted in: Blog

Do I need a Labiaplasty

Women choose cosmetic surgery for different reasons, sometimes for looks, sometimes to reduce pain and/or comfort. Vaginal rejuvenation is often to stop functional problems, like the twisting and tugging of the excess tissue of a larger labia during activities, such as biking or intercourse.  It sometimes needs to be performed for problems like itching, irritation, and self conscious or self-confidence issues.

When it comes to aesthetic genital plastic surgery procedures, there are a few different kinds that can definitely enhance appearance of your labia minora and labia majora(outer labia). These procedures include, vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, monsplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and labia majoraplasty. The surgical procedure we will focus on today is labiaplasty.

Preparing for Labiaplasty Surgery

Considering labiaplasty? Start by doing your homework and conducting thorough research to familiarize yourself with the procedure. Check with insurance to see what is or is not covered. Last, make sure you have proper care instructions and a plan (such as rides to and from, childcare, etc.)for after your surgical procedure.

Some common tips to prepare for your cosmetic procedure:

  • 1-2 weeks before surgery avoid blood thinners and medications such as NSAIDs
  • 4 weeks before surgery avoid supplements, such as vitamin C, herbal & weight-loss supplements
  • At least 8 hours before surgery do not eat or drink anything.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before you undergo labiaplasty

female labiaplasty surgeonLabiaplasty Procedure

This procedure is done to female genitalia for both cosmetic reasons and to address physical discomfort. The operation is to reduce the size of an enlarged labia minora (inner lips). General or local anesthesia may be used. Your surgeon will remove the unwanted tissue and remodel the labia minora into the desired size and shape.

The surgeon may use a laser instead of a scalpel to reduce bleeding. This is a an outpatient procedure, you should be done in under 2 hours.

Occasionally, a labiaplasty is performed to reduce the size of the labia majora (outer lips). Some women choose to tighten the vaginal opening during the same operation. This is called vaginoplasty.

Labiaplasty Recovery

Like any surgery, labiaplasty will require some downtime, so your body’s healing processes can take action. In most women, swelling will subside during the first few days, where as, itching will likely last for the first full week. You will need to wear loose underwear at first.

Day one

Following surgery, the patient is allowed to go home, and will be prescribed anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medications. Usually, the postoperative part of the labiaplasty recovery is followed by some bleeding, but the meds will stop the hemorrhaging. For medical reasons you should review the post-operative plan with your surgeon before going home.

Week one

By the second or third day, bleeding should have subsided. At this point you can start with an ice pack, and icing techniques to reduce swelling. As you get later into the week, around day 4-5 you will start to notice the vagina skin healing and beginning to look normal again.

Towards the end of the week usually day 7, you will go to have your stitches removed if you surgeon didn’t use dissolvable stitches. At this point you should feel better, healing speeds up once stitches are gone.

Week two and beyond

After a few weeks, things should be on the up and up with your recovery, as you have made it through the “dangerous” time successfully. During this part of the recovery, you are to continue with light exercise, and any medication prescribed. About halfway into the healing process, you can now increase intensity in your workouts. By week four everything should be about normal, but still follow your post-operative plan and take care for the full 6 weeks.

Surgery Costlabiaplasty surgery cost

The costs associated with a labiaplasty can vary depending on patient needs, and which type of labiaplasty you choose (trim procedure or wedge). This may not include additional surgery-related costs.

The primary components contributing to the overall labiaplasty cost include the surgeon’s fee, operating facility fees, general anesthesia fee, and post-surgery fees.

Labiaplasty FAQS

How Do You Know If You Need Labiaplasty?

If the appearance of your labia bothers you or  you feel discomfort when wearing tight clothing like yoga pants, exercising or engaging in sexual intercourse, you might be a good candidate for labiaplasty.

What Happens After Labiaplasty?

Following your surgery, there will be daily discomfort for about a week or so. Swelling is also common and can last up to six months.

Is Labiaplasty Ever Medically Necessary?

Labiaplasty is deemed medically necessary when the labia minora tissue gets tucked or pulled into the vagina during sexual activity.

Can I have a labiaplasty before pregnancy?

Deciding on labiaplasty before pregnancy involves careful consideration. While there’s no definitive answer, opting for it won’t impact fertility or childbirth later on.

Can I Still Get Wet After Labiaplasty?

Yes, you can still get wet. Labiaplasty changes how your genitals look, not how they work. Sexual pleasure and/or sexual satisfaction will not be effected.

Does Labiaplasty Fix Both The Labia Minora And Labia Majora?

Yes, often called vaginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty plastic surgery aims to fix both the inner and outer vaginal lips of the female genitalia.

How Do You Shrink An Enlarged Labia?

Naturally. you might try Kegel exercises. If it does not return to normal labia size, the surgical technique that many women choose is labiaplasty.


One of the crucial decisions in having labiaplasty performed is selecting the best labiaplasty surgeon in Chicago for your procedure. Choose a highly qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Dahlia Rice, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Look for someone who listens to your goals, makes you feel at ease, and addresses your questions and concerns. Board certification signifies extensive training and a proven record of skill and safety.

Contact female plastic surgeon Dr. Dahlia Rice today at (312) 600-5435 to schedule a consultation at her Chicago, Il office.


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