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February 11, 2024

How To Choose A Labiaplasty Surgeon

Written by: Dr. Dahlia Rice. Posted in: Blog

Labiaplasty Surgeon

Of all the cosmetic geared towards women, labiaplasty has become one of the most in-demand procedures in recent memory. This surgical procedure, which is often included in a vaginal rejuvenation package, helps to reshape the labia minora and labia majora, improve vaginal laxity, and restore your private area to its most youthful state.

Most patients seek labiaplasty Chicago after having children, but that doesn’t make this procedure exclusive to new mothers. Instead, this unique type of plastic surgery is ideal for any woman who is unhappy with the outward appearance of her labia and has lost the desire for sexual intercourse because of it. With the help of a board certified plastic surgeon, you can experience the level of confidence you deserve both in and out of the bedroom.

Labiaplasty Vs. Clitoral Hood Reduction: What’s The Difference?

Now, labiaplasty is not the only cosmetic surgery designed to create a more pleasing aesthetic appearance in the vaginal area. Clitoral hood reduction is another popular surgical procedure that many cosmetic surgeons will perform as a part of a mommy makeover package.

However, there are some key differences between these two cosmetic procedures that you should know. First and foremost, labiaplasty surgery is designed to remove excess skin from the labia majora, creating a more desirable appearance.

Even though labiaplasty does not result in vaginal tightening or impact the performance of the vagina at all, many women report that their procedures made them more confident in the bedroom, leading to great sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, clitoral hood reduction is performed to eliminate excess tissue from the clitoris itself. Since the clitoris is the epicenter of female sexual pleasure, most women with an enlarged clitoris suffer from extreme physical discomfort during intimacy. Clitoral hood reduction helps to stop this, allowing patients to enjoy better sexual stimulation or sexual function and experience a better overall quality of everyday life.

Regardless of if you’re looking into vaginal rejuvenation solely for cosmetic reasons or to improve the sensations of sexual intimacy, you’ll need the guidance of a qualified surgeon to ensure you get the best results possible.

Labiaplasty Surgeon Near MeHow To Find A Labiaplasty Surgeon

If you’re sure that a labiaplasty is the right solution for you, there are a few steps you can take to find the perfect surgeon for your needs. Since labiaplasty involves operating on female genitalia, you’ll want to take extra care in finding a surgeon who aligns with your vision and has the experience necessary to reduce the risks of complications. Here’s how to get started:

Check Board Certification

Once you’ve found a surgeon near you, check to make sure they’ve been board-certified. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for cosmetic surgery, there are some doctors who may be practicing without the proper qualifications.

A good, reputable surgeon will have their board certification status and any other license readily available via their website, so you can confirm their credentials before scheduling your appointment.

Explore Other Cosmetic Surgery Options

For some women, a labiaplasty procedure is the other surgical technique they’re interested in. But for others, a comprehensive surgical transformation like a mommy makeover may be more beneficial. You should explore any other cosmetic procedures your doctor offers, including vaginal rejuvenation packages, vaginoplasty procedures, and other non surgical procedures that can enhance your overall self esteem.

Research Patient Satisfaction Rates

Most surgeons have before and after pictures of past patients, but the sensitive nature of labiaplasty often makes this difficult to do. Instead, you can research reviews and testimonials to paint a better picture of their patient satisfaction rates. This should include insight into their surgical team, success rates, and overall patient experiences.

Schedule A Personal Consultation

If you’ve taken all of the steps and you’re ready to meet with a Dr. Dahlia Rice, you can schedule a labiaplasty consultation to discuss your personal cosmetic goals and to determine if a labiaplasty surgery is right for you. During the consultation process, the doctor will gather some key information including:

Medical History

While it may not be as invasive as other plastic surgeries, labiaplasty is still a complex form of cosmetic gynecology that requires the patient to be in good health. That’s why qualified surgeons often like to know your family medical history, any medications you’re taking, and other pre-existing health conditions that could impact your results.

Ultimately, it’s their job to make a recommendation based on each patient’s unique needs. So, even if you’re determined to be unfit for a labiaplasty surgery, there are still other non surgical vaginal rejuvenation methods your doctor will be able to help you explore.

Best Labiaplasty SurgeonSexual Activity

Next, the doctor will need to know a bit more information about the sexual health and sex lives of patients before recommending this procedure. In most cases, you’ll need to abstain from sexual intercourse for a period of time before you resume sexual activity after having the labiaplasty performed. If you’re unable to do so, it may be best to explore other options.

Additionally, women who are already pregnant or anticipate becoming pregnant in the future should not consider a labia reduction surgery, as their results will likely be impacted by giving birth again.

Recovery Needs

Thankfully, the healing process for a labiaplasty is relatively simple compared to more invasive surgical procedures. Since labiaplasty is a procedure performed on the outer labia or outer lips, the surgical site will most likely be treated with local anesthesia and will utilize dissolvable sutures to minimize pain.

After the procedure is complete, the patient may be given some pain medication to help reduce irritation at the surgical site while the body heals. During this stage, abstinence from sexual intimacy will be required. The doctor may also recommend extra post labiaplasty care recovery precautions to help streamline the process, including the use of a cold compress to reduce pain and swelling in the surgical area.

Labiaplasty FAQs:

“Who is the right candidate for labia surgery?”

Labiaplasty is often popular for new moms whose vaginal area has become stretched or misshapen during childbirth. However, any woman can choose to have the procedure if she feels that a labiaplasty will benefit her overall quality of life. Most patients who undergo labiaplasty experience symptoms like:

  • Elongated labia minora that extends beyond the outer labia.
  • Labial hypertrophy (or hypertrophic labia) from either genetics or childbirth.
  • Enlarged labia that prevents access to the clitoris.
  • Excess labial tissue can be seen through swimsuits or undergarments.
  • Lack of accessibility to the vaginal opening due to excess tissue.

“What are the side effects of labiaplasty procedures?”

The good news is that labiaplasty is primarily an outpatient procedure, which means you won’t need to be hospitalized. General anesthesia is used for pain control during the procedure, and most women experience mild to moderate side effects including:

  • Adverse reaction to local anesthetic.
  • Stress urinary incontinence.
  • Irritation or swelling at the incision site.

“Who certifies surgeons for cosmetic gynecology?”

You should only choose a plastic surgeon who has been certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which is the leading authority on plastic surgery procedures nationwide.

“Do surgeons operate on the labia minora?”

Unless the labia minora (or inner lips) has become so enlarged that it protrudes beyond the outer lips, surgeons do not operate on this part of the labia. Typically, labiaplasty targets the outer, most visible portion of the vagina to improve the appearance of an asymmetric labia.

“How much does labiaplasty cost?”

During the consultation with Dr. Rice, you should be given an estimated cost of your procedure based on your body’s needs. On average, most women pay between $2,000 – $5,000 for their labiaplasty surgery, along with any additional procedures performed.

Book Your Labiaplasty Consultation Today

If you’re ready to learn more about how a labiaplasty can benefit you, connect with Dr. Dahlia Rice and her team at DMR Aesthetics Chicago to schedule a risk-free consultation today.



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