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March 1, 2024

The Truth About Your Labiaplasty Scar

Written by: Dr. Dahlia Rice. Posted in: Blog

Labiaplasty Scar

Let’s be honest: Feeling confident with the look of your vaginal area is essential to living a healthy, fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many women struggle with this issue, especially after child birth. That’s why more women are choosing to undergo a cosmetic surgery called labiaplasty in Chicago, a transformative experience that restores the body’s natural shape and gives you the freedom to enjoy every aspect of life.

Unlike other cosmetic surgeries, labiaplasties have minimal side effects and require a fraction of the recovery time. However, many women worry about scarring on the labia and the potential for painful scar tissue after labiaplasty. You’ll be relieved to know that labiaplasty scarring is not as noticeable as many assume, and can even disappear entirely with proper care and treatment.

What Is A Labiaplasty?

In simple terms, a labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess tissue from the outer labia. When women have too much labial tissue, it can make it difficult to enjoy sexual intercourse and even prevent them from wearing certain types of swimwear or undergarments.

Labiaplasty is often confused with another popular surgical procedure called vaginal rejuvenation, but these procedures are actually quite different. Whereas a labiaplasty is focused on improving the appearance of the outer vagina, rejuvenation aims to tighten the vaginal canal, making it a more invasive treatment option.

There are many benefits from a labiaplasty procedure that can enhance a woman both mentally and physically.

How A Labiaplasty Is Performed:Painful Scar Tissue After Labiaplasty

One of the best parts about a labiaplasty procedure is that you’ll be able to go home the same day. This procedure requires only a few small incisions to remove excess labia tissue, allowing you to heal comfortably at home.

Local Anesthesia

To ensure your procedure is as painless as possible, the surgeon will apply local anesthesia to the labia. If you’re still concerned about pain during your procedure, your doctor may offer you general anesthesia instead.

Trim Procedure

Now, there are two different ways a labiaplasty can be performed. During a trim procedure, the surgeon will remove a portion of the labia minora to make it appear more symmetrical. The incisions will be closed with stitches, and the entire process takes as little as one hour.

Wedge Method

Another option is the wedge method, which involves removing the thickest part of the labia minora instead. Some surgeons feel that this method preserves the natural folds of the labia, rather than completely reshaping the area.

Outpatient Recovery

No matter which labiaplasty procedure you choose, you’ll be able to recover at home and will only experience mild discomfort in the days following the procedure.

Labiaplasty stitches typically come out on their own, so you’ll only need a few follow-up appointments to make sure that you’re healing nicely. Your surgeon might recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise and avoid heavy lifting to prevent these stitches from coming out too early, setting the stage for poor healing.

Will There Be Scarring?

Like most surgical procedures, there will be some scarring on the labia. Thankfully, this scar tissue will be extremely minimal, and most patients say that their labiaplasty scar disappeared after just a few months.

Even so, visible scars from labiaplasty procedures are usually less because they blend in the the natural folds of the treatment area. With an incision so small, it’s unlikely that a patient will have any scars left after the healing process is complete.

How To Avoid Excessive Scar Tissue:

Labiaplasty recovery is a relatively painless process, and most women experience only mild discomfort during the weeks after their operation. The best way to avoid scarring from a labiaplasty surgery is to rest and follow any recovery orders your doctor gives you as your body heals. Some other steps you can take include:

Cold Compresses

In the first few days after cosmetic surgery, you may notice some swelling in the scarred area. Using a cold compress is a good way to alleviate some of this discomfort and prevent excessive scar tissue from forming around the labia, especially while you rest.


Most importantly, you should abstain from sexual intercourse while you recover from labiaplasty. Your cosmetic surgeon will likely give a specific timeframe based on your unique needs, and not following their instructions can result in pain and damage to the affected area.

Labiaplasty Scar TissueFrequently Asked Questions

Which parts of the labia does a labiaplasty remove?

Labiaplasty surgery focuses on the outer labia or the labia majora. This part of the labia is somewhere fleshy, making it the easiest part to remove if you want to create a more symmetrical appearance. The labia minora, or the inner labia, are not operated on during this type of procedure.

Does labiaplasty improve sexual arousal?

While plenty of women say that having a labiaplasty increased their confidence in the bedroom, the surgery has no impact on overall sexual function. If you’re looking to enhance your sexual pleasure, you may want to consult with a plastic surgeon who specializes in rejuvenation methods.

How quickly can I return to work after a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is unique from other plastic surgery options because you can return to work very quickly afterward. You may need to limit some extreme forms of physical activity, but the overall recovery process will allow you to continue with most daily activities.

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