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January 8, 2024

Why Should You Choose A Female Plastic Surgeon?

Written by: Dr. Dahlia Rice. Posted in: Blog

female plastic surgeon

During the process of choosing a plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic surgery and meet your aesthetic goals, you should consider many factors.  Some of these considerations may include where they received their medical degree (international or American college), if they’re certified by the American board of plastic surgery, their residency training, etc.  Many women are fine consulting with any aesthetic plastic surgeons.

However, some women specifically find comfort in confiding their concerns about cosmetic surgery, their bodies, and surgical objectives, exclusively with a female plastic surgeon in Chicago.  Consulting about their surgical plan with another woman can give them a higher sense of patient safety and a more secure feeling and relatability towards their body rejuvenation as well.

If you generally lean towards female surgeons, here are five reasons why opting for a female plastic surgeon may be right plastic surgeon for you.

Female Plastic Surgeons Spend More Time In Consultation

Research shows that in the context of aesthetic plastic surgery, comparing male and female plastic surgeons, female practitioners tend to allocate more time addressing your concerns during a private consultation. If establishing a strong rapport and a close connection with your plastic surgeon is a priority, opting for a woman to perform your cosmetic surgery may align with your preferences.

A Female Perspective to Understand Your Goals for Plastic Surgery

Expressing your aesthetic plastic surgery goals may be easier when working with a female plastic surgeon, as opposed to a male plastic surgeon. A female board certified plastic surgeon might have a better understanding of your concerns.

She may be able to relate more closely with issues such as how a breast lift  could impact your body confidence, leading to clearer communication and comprehension of your objectives.

A Female Plastic Surgeon May Share the Same Body Concerns As You

Every woman experiences a degree of self-consciousness about their bodies. When collaborating with a plastic surgeon, you might discover that she harbors similar concerns about her own physique, mirroring the anxieties you may have about yours.

In general, women prefer dealing with other women for non surgical procedures as well as aesthetics plastic surgeries, like body contouring and reconstructive surgery. This shared perspective is crucial, as it facilitates a deeper connection and makes conversations about the desired results more accessible.

A Female Surgeon Is Going Through The Same Aging Process As You

Male plastic surgeons will understand the aging process in women, but they won’t personally experience the same stages as women do. Women have an intimate understanding of the effects of gravity.

Noticing areas that were once firmer now succumbing to its pull, as well as the emergence of fine lines, wrinkles, and the impact of pregnancy, including stretch marks and sagging skin.

More Comfortable Showing Your Problem Areas to a Fellow Female

Do you anticipate cosmetic procedures that requires disrobing to address a specific concern?

For a procedure like breast augmentation or mommy makeovers you may find greater ease with a female doctor.  Shared anatomy can alleviate any potential embarrassment, allowing you to concentrate on expressing your desired aesthetic outcomes.

Female plastic surgeon near meSensitivity And Compassion

It is conceivable to think that a female might exhibit greater empathy regarding your health and body insecurities. The societal expectations placed on women regarding their bodies are notably intense.

A female surgeon is likely to better comprehend the motivation to undergo surgical procedures and alter one’s external appearance.

Opting for a plastic surgeon that is female ensures that your sensitive concerns will be addressed with exceptional care and understanding.

Gender Stereotypes In Surgery

Women working in predominantly male-dominated sectors such as plastic surgery frequently encounter discrimination and stereotypes. Nevertheless, female cosmetic surgeons consistently demonstrate that their education, abilities, personalization, and expertise are equal to their male counterparts.  The field is growing every day.

Female Cosmetic Surgeon – FAQ

Why Aren’t There Many Women Plastic Surgeons?

A lack of mentorship. In the prior generation few women were found specializing in plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery.

Are Male or Female Surgeons Better?

In short, female patients face an increased likelihood of complications when their surgeon is male, but experience reduced chances of complications when attended to by a female surgeon.

Why Choose A Female?

With an eye for beauty, women plastic surgeons excel in sculpting and enhancing the human form. Consequently, the outcomes they achieve are often characterized by subtlety and a natural appearance, providing patients with a refreshed look without appearing overly done or artificial.

What Are The Top Female Plastic Surgeries?

Breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, laser treatments, and facial rejuvenation are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries.

Do You Still Have Questions About Choosing a Surgeon?

The reality is that everyone is different. Even if you opt for an identical procedure such as breast implants or another plastic surgery as someone else, you might discover that their surgeon doesn’t resonate with you, and that’s perfectly fine. Choosing a fellow woman as your plastic surgeon might be what is right for you.

To understand what options are best for you, call DMR Aesthetics to speak with American board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rice.

Schedule Your Plastic Surgery Consultation Today!

During your plastic surgery consultation, you will meet Dr. Rice. She will carefully assess your concerns and delve into your medical history. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to view before-and-after photos showcasing Dr. Rice’s expertise with previous patients.

You will have the opportunity to discuss anything else you have on mind: doctor accolades(numerous awards), cosmetic goals, patient care, non-surgical treatments, or medical spa.  Reach out to us a DMR Aesthetics to book your consultation today!


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