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May 24, 2024

How to Find the Best Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgeons

Written by: Dr. Dahlia Rice. Posted in: Blog

How to Find the Best Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgeons

The best fat transfer breast augmentation surgeons aren’t hard to find … if you know how to find them.

In this article, we’ll go over the best strategies for locating a plastic surgeon who specializes in fat transfer breast augmentations and who can help you achieve the goals you desire. But first, let’s review what a breast augmentation fat transfer procedure actually entails.

What Is a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a breast surgery that uses fat from your own body and then adds the purified fat into your breast tissue for enhanced breast volume into the size of your breasts. Also known as “fat grafting”, fat transfer procedures are used in many popular cosmetic surgeries, such as Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery.

The first stage of the breast fat transfer is liposuction. Your surgeon will typically take excess fat from your abdomen — or possibly your upper arms, inner thighs, or elsewhere.Fat Transfer To Breast Near Me

In the second stage of the surgery, your surgeon will transfer these fat cells to your breasts. The fat cells will then establish themselves in their new location, ultimately increasing the fat in your breasts and your overall breast size.

For those looking for a natural approach to breast enlargement, fat transfer breast augmentation vs implants is an alternative choosen by many woman.

The best fat transfer breast augmentation is a natural breast augmentation. Going for a natural look fits with this procedure well because a fat transfer cannot achieve a very large breast size increase. In addition, the surgery uses your own fat — not synthetic silicone or saline implants.

If you want to go up more than one or two bra cup sizes, you’ll likely need to go with a traditional breast augmentation (breast implants) instead of just lipo fat transfer to breast.

Tips for Finding a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgeon

#1 – Look at before and after photos.

Most plastic surgeons will put their previous patients’ before and after photos on their website. These are available for you to browse, and they can be very helpful when determining whether or not you want to work with a certain plastic surgeon.

Before and after photos are great for helping you see the skill and expertise of a particular plastic surgeon. You can see whether or not you like the outcome and note how closely related to the patients “before” pictures you are.

#2 – Check for board certification.

Medical professionals with varying backgrounds can actually perform many types of plastic surgery, including fat transfers, as long as they have the skill and education. However, it is only board certified plastic surgeons who have the extra-necessary training to both fulfill the requirements of a given surgery and go above and beyond.

Board certified plastic surgeons have gone through rigorous education and hands-on training. They also must pass a difficult oral exam and written exam. All of this ensures that they are more than capable of fulfilling your needs and goals and achieving a superior outcome for your surgery.

#3 – Read past patient reviews.

There are several third-party websites that display reviews from past cosmetic surgery patients. These reviews can offer insight into the bedside manner and techniques used by a given surgeon. We recommend reading these types of reviews to get to know your surgeon and find out what their approach to surgery is like.

#4 – Book a consultation and get to know them further.

Lastly, it is of the utmost importance that you schedule consultation appointments with the surgeon(s) you are considering so that you can get to know them in person. Having a one-on-one personal consultation with a plastic surgeon allows you to see how they operate and ask them questions on the spot.

At your consultation, you’ll go over your medical history, and your surgeon will conduct a physical to ensure you have enough excess fat deposits (and healthy fat cells) to carry out the surgery. Be sure to ask questions and inquire about your concerns. Good surgeons will have strong, thorough answers for you.

FAQ: Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer Near MeWhere can I find the best fat transfer breast augmentation near me?

Conduct a search online for “fat transfer breast augmentation best doctors” or “fat transfer breast augmentation surgeons” and then add your geographic location.

Sometimes, it helps to choose several surgeons and book consultations with all of them. Be sure to read reviews, look at fat transfer breast augmentation before and after galleries, and ensure the surgeons you consider are board certified.

How many sizes can you get with fat transfer breast augmentation?

This depends on each patient’s body and how much excess or sufficient fat you have, the skill of your surgeon, and how well the transferred fat survives. For most patients, a maximum of one to two cup size increase is typical.

How much fat do I need for autologous fat grafting?

Any type of fat grafting procedure requires the patient to have excess body fat so that the unwanted fat can be transferred to the desired location. For breast enhancement, for example, most patients will have fat taken from their abdomen, inner thighs, or arms.

If you are especially thin, this portion of the surgery may not be possible, in which case, you’ll need implants in order to augment your breasts. You can find out if you have enough excess fat for a fat grafting procedure at your consultation appointment.

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If you’re at a stable weight and looking for a natural breast augmentation procedure, look no further than fat transfer breast augmentation with Dr. Dahlia Rice.

Dr. Rice is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast surgery with fat grafting as well as traditional breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction. Her dedication to patient care and her expertise in the field speak for themselves.

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