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April 12, 2024

How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size

Written by: Dr. Dahlia Rice. Posted in: Blog

Breast Implant Size

Selecting the right breast implant size is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when undergoing a breast augmentation procedure.

Certainly, choosing the correct implant size for your body type and goals may take some planning, research, and trial and error. But if you put in the right amount of effort and thought — and choose a highly qualified surgeon — you’ll be sure to make the ideal breast implant size selection for you.

Key Factors in Determining Implant Size

Breast Implant Volume

You may have a desired cup size in mind when you meet with your plastic surgeon to discuss breast enlargement (and that’s great!), but plastic surgeons actually measure breast implants in cubic centimeters, or CCs.  You also need to consider that bra manufacturers may label bra cup sizes differently.

Most smaller breast implants are between 150 and 200 CCs. Mid-sized implants tend to be between 200 and 400 CCs. And larger breast implants are above 400 CCs.

Breast Implant Diameter

If you can picture an implant in your mind, imagine the diameter of the implant. You probably already know that most implants are about as wide as your palm or hand, but many are wider than this, and some are smaller than this.

Ideal diameter size really comes down to your unique anatomy. When choosing the ideal diameter of implant for your body and your goals, your surgeon will look at your chest width and match that with how large you want your breast size increase to be. Those with naturally wider chests should have wider implants, as a rule.

Breast Implant ProfilesBreast Implant Size Selection

When we are talking about breast implant profile, we’re really talking about projection or how far out from your natural chest wall you want your breasts to go.

There are four main profile options when it comes to breast implant profile: low profile, moderate profile implants, high profile, and ultra high profile.

Deciding on the best profile for you will come down to how large you want your breast implants (and resulting breasts) to be, how much projection you want, and how wide your chest is.

Naturally, low profile breast implants only stick out a small amount, and high profile implants stick out further. As the profile increases, the diameter or base width of the implant typically decreases.

Those who have wider chests and desire minimal projection should go with a low profile breast implant. If you want a moderate size increase, and you have a medium range chest width, moderate profile or high profile implants will typically work best for you.

For significant projection and for those with a thinner chest width, high and ultra high profile implants are typically ideal.

Meeting With Your Surgeon to Discuss Breast Implant Sizing

Implant size is something you’ll be talking to your cosmetic surgeon about from the get-go. It’s something that will come up at your initial consultation appointment, along with breast implant placement, and something you’ll discuss throughout the pre-surgery period that leads up to your procedure.

Different plastic surgeons will go about implant sizing and implant size comparison in different ways. Some surgeons may use technology to help you visualize what certain breast implants will look like on you.

Others will rely more heavily on sample implants that you can put into your bra and walk around with. This will give you an idea of how potential implants look and feel.

Your surgeon will also have their own input to provide you with, given the fact that they’ve probably performed countless implant surgeries and have extensive experience matching implants to patients.

For this reason, it’s especially important to be open and honest with your surgeon. Provide them with all the details you can about how you want your final results to look. This can help them come up with the ideal implants for you and insure that you don’t end up with improperly fitted breast implants.

FAQ: Implant Size For Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant Size ComparisonWhat is the most common breast implant size?

Breast implant sizes range from a modest 100 CC implant to a 800 CC implant (typically the largest breast implant size). However, the vast majority of breast implant patients desire implants that are around 300 to 400 CC.

Of course, all patients are different, so if your desired implant size falls outside of this range, don’t worry.

What are breast implant shape options?

There are two main implant shapes to choose from: round implants and teardrop shaped. Choosing your ideal shape will depend on your desired breast size (bra cup size), your natural body frame or body shape, breast width, and your lifestyle.

Round breast implants are popular for their ability to provide fullness and projection to the breasts. They can offer a more noticeable increase in upper pole fullness and cleavage.

What’s the difference between a breast augmentation procedure and a breast lift?

These are two completely different types of cosmetic breast surgery. Breast lift surgery actually lifts the breasts higher up on the chest wall. In contrast, breast augmentation surgery increases the size of your breasts (adds volume). These two surgeries are sometimes combined.

Is breast implant surgery painful?

The surgery itself is not painful because you will have anesthesia. However, recovery may involve some soreness in your breast tissue. Fortunately, pain medication can be prescribed to keep you more comfortable, and significant pain should start to dissipate within the first few days of cosmetic surgery.

Is there a breast implant size calculator?

There is not an actual calculator, per se. However, there are breast implant size chart options that exist to help you decide how big your implants should be.

This will usually be based on your current and desired cup sizes. Your surgeon will walk you through the process of choosing an implant size, noting the particular factors you’ll need to consider (projection, volume, etc.).

What are breast implant incisions?

Common incisions for breast implants include inframammary (under the breast crease), periareolar (around the nipple), and transaxillary (in the armpit), each offering distinct advantages and considerations for placement.

What types of breast implants are there?

There are two primary types of breast implants: saline implants, filled with sterile saltwater, and silicone gel implants, filled with silicone gel, each offer distinct characteristics and advantages for augmentation surgery.

Silicone breast implants are chosen for their natural look and feel, resembling the texture of natural breast tissue. They offer durability, less risk of rippling, and a variety of shapes and sizes.

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